Key Protection

Key Cover from C&A Mackie Insurance Schemes

key protectionCar keys are expensive to replace if they are lost damaged or stolen this where key protection can assist and prevent you making a claim on your main insurance policy at the expense of a costly excess.

A specialist product offering assistance if your keys are lost, stolen or broken.

The benefits are:

  • £1,500 annual cover for locksmiths charges, new locks and keys, car hire and onward transport.
  • The reprogramming of immobilisers, infra-red handsets and alarms is also covered.
  • Any key attached to the fob is covered.
  • No excess is payable.
  • No limit to the number of claims.
  • Claims can be made on this policy without affecting or losing your No Claims Bonus on other products.
  • 24 hour Emergency helpline, 365 days a year - calls are never outsourced.

Please note, we are able to offer this product separately or, as part of your insurance package. Please call 0141 423 8555 for further details.

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