Gap Insurance

Ease the financial pain with GAP Insurance

Gap insuranceNo motorist ever wants to see their vehicle written off or stolen. But if you are unlucky enough to be in this position you can at least ease the financial pain with GAP Insurance.

As its name suggests, GAP Insurance is designed to cover the gap between the amount you paid for your vehicle and the amount you insurer will pay out based on its current value.

C&A Mackie Insurance Schemes has negotiated the following GAP schemes to cover to various personal circumstances such as purchase price protection, agreed value, finance GAP & leasing GAP schemes.

The cover protects you against the likely financial loss you’ll experience in the difference between the original purchase price of your car and the settlement made by your comprehensive motor insurer following a total loss claim.

Until you have the claim there is no way of telling what this financial exposure is but as we all know when you drive your brand new car off the forecourt the value will have dropped by at least 20%.

Please note, we are able to offer this product separately or, as part of your insurance package. Please call 0141 423 8555 for further details.

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