ADI PDI Insurance News Update: A Positive Drive Forward with C & A Mackie...


We are deligted to announce Hamilton Robertson Insurance Brokers Limited purchased the business of C & A Mackie Insurance Consultants Limited on 23rd September 2016. All policies remain in force.

C & A Mackie Insurance continues trading as normal with the same staff, telephone numbers, e-mail address and website.  The brand has been built over the last 26 years and is a recognised insurance broker providing insurance schemes for driving instructors throughout the United Kingdom.  

As part of a larger and Chartered Insurance Broker with strong financial backing we are committing substantial resources to our C & A Mackie Insurance division in order to help the existing loyal staff, employ additional staff, update training and compliance procedures and keep in touch with past, present and future clients.

We can help you immediately in respect of:

  • Driving Instructor Motor Insurance  
  • Excess protection   
  • Dual control car after accident
  • Loss/damage of keys/lock   
  • Legal expenses cover 
  • Breakdown cover    
  • Replacement  dual control car following Mechanical Failure
  • Gap cover
  • Any new or ongoing claim


We know you will agree C & A Mackie Insurance is a very client friendly business with great staff and long may your association with them continue. 

Alex Hamilton (pictured), our Managing Director said "Thank you for your continued support, please get in touch anytime on 0141 423 8555 or complete an enquiry on our website and we will asssist you as best we can." 




  • Date posted: 03 Nov 2016


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